3 Tips for an enjoyable Drive

Let’s face it – traffic jams and never ending red lights have nothing to do with your bad karma, a black cat crossing the street or any kind of punishment for last evening sins. Two tips to make your life easier: stop blaming goddesses and gods and make the most of your daily trip.

Multitasking is a choice, not a talent

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Rule number one: say hello to productivity. Let podcasts, audiobooks or news readers be your first good energy (and knowledge!) boost of the day.
Panda’s new-born, political madness or sport victories will
leave the news enthusiasts happy while audiobooks will please the ones looking for a one-drive-long escape.


Bring the beat on

Whether it’s Britney, Bieber or Metallica – music makes us happy. According to a study by Philips Research Laboratories, listening to music in a car influences mood positively and can be used to affect state and safe behaviour.

Even though we all love a full out dance when our beat comes up, don’t forget – safety comes first. Some scientists believe not all kind of music has the same impact on drivers. A study conducted at London Metropolitan University found that the optimum tempo for safe driving should mimic the human heartbeat, which is around 60 to 80 beats per minute. More upbeat music might influence erratic behaviour and cause stress.

Algorithms, AI and crazy IT

No wonder that avoiding the traffic is one of the top priorities on our daily commute list. Easier to be said than to be done? One advice: for the sake of God, make the use of tech! Google Maps provide a rather accurate traffic situation since Google uses the aggregated anonymous movement data of mobiles/devices with Google Maps. If you believe in mouth to mouth information (well, message to message in this case), try Waze – a crowdsourcing app where users report the current traffic situation. And for parking advices check out our beloved plazz! Utilizing these apps will help you maximize your commute path and of course save the precious time.

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